Suzanne Gabriele(non-registered)
These are great shots stephen. your love of photography is shining through your photos. getting better every year.
Who knew you could be so talented. The storm photographs are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing; amazing photos Stephen.
Kelly Brightwell(non-registered)
Love your Mono pictures, they are amazing.
How did you get your little reptile to pose like that? Ha!
Great shots
Deb Galloway(non-registered)
Great photos, the light helps to bring them to life.

Mungo 2 is terrific, almost out of this world til you spot the vegetation.
Jacqui Barker(non-registered)
Wow, you got some nice photos in the Flinders (love the clouds) and Mildura....really like them :)
Kelly Brightwell(non-registered)
WOW you have some truly beautiful pictures. Time well spent I think :-)
Love the cute little joeys, but really love the two shots with the lake in them...particularly the first one.
And Jacinta thinks the red sand picture is very cool.
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